Monday, March 7, 2011

Final Biosphere Pics

Some futuristic outbuildings.  They sure liked those barrel vaults.

I liked the lighting on this geodesic dome "lung."  We took the tour that started shortly after noon, which was evidently the busiest time of day.  If we had it to do over we would have taken a later tour, with a far smaller crowd.

I'm halfway through my third Biosphere book.  It's like reading about ancient Sumeria, things have devolved so much since then.  While the educated minority were busy fulfilling themselves and doing groovy things like building Biospheres, the plutocrats were busy organizing the churches, consolidating the media, and dumbing down the educational system.  Which side had the deeper grasp of American culture and Western Civilization in general?  Maybe I'll have a couple more paragraphs to say about this after I've read all four books.